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JANUARY 14, 2023
9AM or 12PM


Please follow the below guidelines carefully.

This job is much more than putting on a costume. You will be bringing to life some of pop culture's most favorite characters. Whether you are a graceful princess, daring adventurer, or courageous must have the improvisation skills to handle any situation and stay in character at all times. 


No experience necessary - as long as you have a love for children and an interest in acting.


Please note - this is part-time, contracted work, not a full time job. 


17+ years of age 

Valid Driver's License & Reliable Transportation

Flexible schedule

No criminal background


Height of 5'2" - 5'10" for females (with or without heels)

Dress size between 0 - 8 (or waist max measurement of 31 inches)

Ability to stand for long periods of time


1. Two 8-counts of movement (this is not a dance, just physical movement in character such as waving, posing, etc)

2. SINGERS: Bring a link or mp3 track on your device to any princess song you would like (This is for singers only who wish to perform at events - this is not required to audition)

3. Q & A as different characters. For example: You will be Rapunzel, and we will ask questions that children might ask you and see how you respond in character. 

AUDITION LOCATION: UTK Alumni Memorial Building, Room 50 (1408 Middle Dr. Knoxville, TN)

AUDITION TIMES: Please attend only one of the audition times of 9:00am or 12:00pm. Everyone will go through a quick orientation and learn the same 8 count movements. Your arrival and check-in time will dictate your individual audition times for specific characters. Arrive early to fill out paperwork. 

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear clothes that are comfortable to move in and form fitting (Ex: Leggings, dance wear, etc.) No oversized or sloppy clothes. If you have character shoes please wear them! If not, please wear jazz shoes, tennis shoes, or comfortable flats.

For questions please contact Ashley at 865-321-0203. 


Thanks for submitting!


  • Is this a full time job?  Nope! Our characters work when they are available for a party! You are required to work at least one party every two months, though!

  • What do princesses do?  Birthday parties, fundraisers, special events, etc. As a character your job is to bring a character to life in the most realistic way possible. We work with children, so a love for bringing smiles to their faces is a must!

  • How old do I have to be?  As long as you have a valid driver's license and reliable transportation, you are eligible to be a princess for us!

  • Is this paid? Of course! Our characters are paid $12-$15 an hour for events, depending on the nature of the event. Birthday parties pay more! Most of our clients also tip an average of $20 to our characters for a job well done at birthday parties. 

  • Do I have to sing? Absolutely not! We do not require any specific background in theatre or vocal performance. A love for children and a willingness to learn about improv acting is all you need! 

  • Do I have to be a certain size/weight to be a princess? Unfortunately, yes. Because many of our clients come to multiple events we have - we require our princesses to all fit the same costumes and to resemble one another as much as possible in order to keep the magic alive for the little ones! All of our princess dresses are corset style and will fit sizes 0-8. 

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