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Corporate & Community Events

Make your next event magical by inviting popular fairytale characters or crime-fighting superheroes to entertain your guests! We have attended corporate functions, non-profit fundraisers, themed events, school dances, and more! Check out some photos of our characters at events below!

Some of our previous clients include: Cruze Farms, Ancient Lore Village, Tennessee Valley Fair, Andy's Custards, Narramore Farms, and more!
If you need characters that we do not have listed here, please put in a special request on our contact page. We have provided generic characters such as: 20s flappers, Toy Soldiers, Circus Performers, Witches, and more!

Characters for Events - Pricing

All event pricing includes a KPP Assistant to attend to the character, keep guest conduct orderly and appropriate, and answer any questions that your guests might have. Our actors will stay in character the entire duration of your event. They will not respond to questions outside of their magical world, and they will conduct themselves as their character would. Our assistants will also help with anything you may need from us to make your event even better. We can answer questions for guests, take photos, help with activities, and more!

501(c)3 Organizations receive a 15% discount off the below rates
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